Monday, May 9, 2011

Selah Junior High- Winter Fieldtrip!

With frost on the ground...
And a bite in the air...
Tiffany, Mrs. Quincy, and the 8th graders headed out for a chilly day of field data collection at their field site on February 17th.

Tiffany leads the groundwater station.
Dale helps harvest aquatic macroinvertebrates.
Look! A Scud!
Susan and Sara brave the chilly, murky waters of the ditch and students remind them where to measure.
Dr. Pease leads the storm water station.
Mariah and Jim work hard on taking measurements...Skylar looks a little chilled!
Favian gives Skylar some support.
Mrs. Quincy kept us on time and everything running smoothly.
It was a great day for a fieldtrip and we all managed to stay warm AND take some quality measurements! Now that's good science!!

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