Thursday, July 22, 2010

WATERS Summer Institute 2010

Welcome to all the 2010-2011 Yakima WATERS teams!

We had a successful Summer Institute July 6th-16th which included an exciting rafting trip on the Yakima River in 50+ mph winds. A great opportunity for team bonding.

We also had an opportunity to drive down the Yakima Valley, stopping to learn about the geologic history of our area as well as the local ecology and land management.

We touched historic riverbed sediments, held snakes (under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Beck, of course!), search for aquatic macro- invertebrates, captured and attempted to identify insects, looked at aerial landslide photos while standing on an old landslide, watched salmon at Roza Dam and learned about salmon management, viewed the majestic Columbia flood basalts, discussed water management and quality in our region, were introduced to our local amphibians, and learned about floodplains, large woody debris, and the cultural and agricultural diversity of the Yakima watershed.

And that was only the first two days!

It was wonderful to have so many experts in the field and classroom with us. All of us were able to learn something outside of our field and share our own knowledge. A great start for the year!

The Summer Instituted ended on a high note with our fellows presenting their team's Action Plan for the upcoming school year. We have a lot to look forward too! Check back for updates on the fellows and their classroom activities and fieldtrips.

Don't worry, they've got everything under control.