Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tackling Technology - Selah Junior High

Tiffany and her 8th grade math students prepared for their second visit to their field site in mid February by reviewing how to set up, calibrate, and collect data using the various probes.
Mrs. Quincy and Tiffany worked diligently to ensure that everyone was ready for data collection!
Students spent a class period reviewing any issues that arose on the last fieldtrip, how they could improve the quality of their data collection, and how they might avoid some of the difficulties of data analysis that arose after the first fieldtrip. In particular, students reviewed the concept of conductivity and determined just "what" was in the water which caused different conductivity readings. Tiffany set up a great example using "poweraid", helping to illustrate how electric current is transferred through solution by ions or electrolytes.

Students also reviewed how to measure the stream. Two days later the students put their skills to work completing their winter data collection at their field site!

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